Unique Home Design : KENZO Dream House

With a Dream About KENZO by Olga Akulova DESIGN:
This Unique Home Design remolded non load bearing wall. The main idea for the interior was to be close to KENZO style home details. This apartment was transformed into several zones separated by sliding doors (a.k.a Rimadesio), a stone island (a.k.a Modulnova) and unaltered, industrial concrete columns. All of them make this place have a Unique Home Design.
The concrete columns has a natural texture, poured polymeric white flooring, wood decking on the balcony and kitchen ceiling are close to the KENZO style too. There was an interior European/Asian garden in this Unique Home Design
A Poliform Marble table is stated behind the sofa. It can be used as console and working desk or rarely as a family dinner table. All of the things inside the apartment can attract everyone who sees it and make this apartmen to be a Unique Home Design.