Jay Tablante's Cosplay Photo Exhibition


Event Name: Jay Tablante's Cosplay Photo Exhibition
Location: MMS at *SCAPE (2 Orchard Link, #04-01, GRID New Media Studios, Singapore 237978)
Time: 10 am –  9pm
Entrance: Free

“Geekology 101”, a 1-man photographic showcase by internationally
acclaimed, Philippines-based cosplay photographer Jay Tablante opened today.

Incorporating more than a dozen works featuring global cosplay celebrities Alodia & Ashley
Gosiengfiao, Jinri Park and Yayahan dressed as characters from Marvel and Japanese animanga
and pop culture.

The showcase also included a workshop and shooting seminar by Mr. Tablante, targeted at
cosplayers, cosplay enthusiasts and photographers.

In the two two-hour long sessions, he demonstrated studio photography techniques, styling tips,
and methods to infuse life and realism into cosplay characters.

Ms. Alodia Gosiengfiao also graced the event as a guest-of-honor and she was joined by
numerous cosplayers from the local scene who were present at the event.

Jointly organized by EightBit Media & pop culture blog The Neo Tokyo Project, and sponsored by
Canon, Grid MMS and Camwerkz, Geekology 101 is held at Grid MMS at *SCAPE (2 Orchard
Link, #04-01, GRID New Media Studios, Singapore 237978).

The exhibition opens from 10 am to 9 pm.”

Ever seen this picture?

Yes, Jay Tablante is the creator of this photograph.


Jay Tablante will be holding a seminar at 1 pm and having a studio demo at 5 pm. I’m sure he wll be sharing a lot of awesome photography tips and insights. Admission to the seminars are free but I’m not sure if reservations is needed. I have the impression it’s walk in admission.

Sorry if my information are not clear enough, if you guys have any queries, pop over to www.neotokyoproject.com and get them answered ^-^!

Cosplay: The Series (S2, Episode 14 review)

Episode 14 reveals the motive of the secret organisation and brings the Q-Cosushinkai club into a bigger trouble.

After disappearing for a long time, Vincent returns to the club heavily injured. Sukma and the new sexy school nurse enters the clubroom and breaks the truth, the club is in big trouble.

The new sexy school nurse Rahayu, introduces herself as Cloud and sister of ex Headmaster Kartini. Explaining why the secret organisation is after them and why Ex Headmaster Kartini tried to disband the club to save them.

Science fiction and supernatural abilities makes they way into the plot this time and blows the entire series into a totally different genre. I won't spoil so watch and find out about the ultimate secret yourself!

The final scene features Cloud with a secret organisation member wearing elaborate costumes that seems to pay reference to Lineage. Anyone has any idea where the costumes are from?

The final scene makes you skip a heartbeat as the role of a supposed 'friendly Ally ' becomes questionable and pave way for more twists in the future.

The CGI effect of this episode is cool as usual though I personally find the clubroom scene somewhat deadpan even though the acting were commendable. I suspect it has something to do with the light and colour coordination. Maybe season 3 can feature more colourful uniform and locations =x?

I also can't say I love the 'zoomed in' effect in the clubroom. It made for rather blurry video. Would much preferred it if it had been a closeup of the faces instead.

All in all, episode 14 is an interesting episode that pushes the series to into a darker and more exciting conspiracy. What's next, is to see if this new crux makes or breaks the story. What do you think?

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Win a Naruto Costumes ! (by Miccostumes)

I can't even remember how many people have left me a messages asking me where I bought my costume or where to buy costumes. On my bored days, I reply. But mostly, I ignore =X

But I have good news, Miccostumes.com is giving away Naruto Costumes! Submit cosplay photographs of yourself and then get your friends to vote for you!
"Sponsor contest in Dec. will be launched at this Thursday (December 1). Whatever vocation you are engaged in and wherever you live, just join in this contest, once you are fond of cosplay. Two winners will be born at last, who can choose any one from those ten Naruto costumes."

Website: http://www.miccostumes.com/blog/sponsor-contest-in-dec-to-win-your-desirable-naruto-costume/

Cosplay: The Series (S2, Episode 13 review)

Sorry for the late review, been just so busy!

In Episode 13, the plot finally begun to inch towards climax and the secret organisation slowly starts to have faces to them.

The episode begin with Sukma telling the Missing-In-Action Vincent not to go off disappearing himself even though Nina has disappeared and also updating him about the happenings in school. Apparently, Vincent and Sukma both knows the Zombie manifestation well though sadly, it was not explicitly explained. Sukma ends the conversation by warning Vincent that after the mysterious disappearance of Nina, another new girl, which we all presume is Panda,  has gone missing too after protesting against the orders of the new Head Master. Apparently, our favourite lolita Agnesya is up next.

And sure enough, the scene cuts to the cute Agnesya taking a cake out of the fridge and bringing it to her mother. Who turns around only to transform into, Grell.

What ensued next is a battle scene for the Kuroshitsuji fans to fan girl/boy about. Shall not spoil them for you so go watch it yourself!

With Nina, Panda and Agnesya kidnapped, what would happen to Q-Cosushinkai Cosplay Club and it’s members? What would the new Head Master do to the school? Let’s await more answers in episode 14!

Because The Cosplay Chronicles is a strategic media partner with COSPLAY: The Series, we managed to squeeze some exclusive behind the scenes photographs to share with you guys!


Filming the kidnap scene with Agnesya looking stunned. And, IS THAT A TURTLE UNDER THE TABLE?!


If you ever wondered about how the Kuroshitsuji rooftop fighting scene was shot, here’s a bit of an insight. Into the scorching scene that day. And yes, it was filmed in broad daylight, kudos to the Video Editor/Producer (Bonni Rambatan)  for the awesome CGI Work yet again!

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Anime Festival Asia (Day 3, Photo pimps)

Much apologies for the massive delay, but here are photographs from AFA Day 3 as taken by yours truly. Enjoy!