Simple DIY Body form

And so I found this online and thought I’d share this ingenious idea with you guys since Cosplayers are the only people I know who would find this useful/ interesting!

Photo found at : The Idea King

I like how the DIY started with a layer of t-shirt underneath. That layer of T-shirt will effectively prevent the duct tape’s adhesive from sticking onto you. But of course, since you will eventually have to cut through that T-shirt to get out of it, it’s recommended you use one that is cheap.  *Edit: Melvin on Facebook gave an even better suggestion! Instead of T-shirts, we can use even cheaper black thrash bags! Those big ones you get for parties. You just need to cut armholes & Neck hole and that’s it! *

I wonder what’s that piece of grey rectangular fabric for?

Have any of you tried this before? Comment and let me know!

Cosplay FML Moment #04

One of the reasons why I absolutely hate talking Cosplay to Non-Cosplayers/ Animanga fans.

Erza Scarlet cosplay 15 : DAFUQ IS THAT by ~LadyNoa

* After knowing you Cosplay, they immediately asks *

Person A : So what’s your most successful Cosplay?

Me: (thought to self: “ Dafug?!??! Why are you asking this?? Does it matter whether is it successful or not ? Cosplay is about paying tribute to the characters you like! It’s not a beauty pageant and I’m not trying to show off when I tell you I cosplay!

… And even if I tell you the name you wouldn’t even know! ” )

Me:  …. erm

Person A: *waiting for an answer*

Me: Erm…. –inserts random Anime/Manga name that are NOT Sailormoon or Dragonball -

Person A: …Oh I see.  *Obviously doesn’t know and probably doesn’t really care*

Seriously, is it JUST me TAT !? Share your experience with us in the comments section below now T___T!!!

SMASH! 2013 (Sydney) is back!

WHAT: SMASH! (Sydney Manga and Anime Show)
DATE: AUGUST 10, 2013
WHERE: Sydney Convention Centre (Darling Harbour)

Yes~ SMASH is coming again this August! A quick look at their programme outline and you know it’s another exciting year of competitions, karaokes, Gunpla building, Maid Cafe and fun! Check out the their ticketing and event list details at their website.

" Now in its seventh year, Sydney’s leading Japanese popular culture convention is gearing up for its biggest year yet, promising another packed day of cosplay, workshops, games and guest panels.

SMASH! 2012 saw record crowds of more than 6,200 people attending the event. Amongst the crowd were avid cosplayers, manga and anime fans, and special Japanese voice-acting guests such as Yuko Miyamura (Neon Genesis Evangelion), Miki Shin-ichiro (Bleach, Initial D, Gundam 00) and Sakura Tange (Cardcaptor Sakura).

“SMASH! is a Japanese popular culture convention that is for everyone - not just manga and anime fans. This year we hope to bring something different to the table and Miss Momoi is the perfect guest to commence our guest list for SMASH! 2013.”

The invited guests this year are Masakazu Morita (森田 成一),  Haruko Momoi (桃井 はるこ), Matsubara Hidenori and LOVERIN TAMBURI !


© Aoni Production


"Angya~Momo-i Sekai no Tabi~" ©Right Gauge. All copyright belongs to their Agent "Right Gauge"


I wish I could attend again this year but alas, luck is not on my side T_T Have fun guys!!! You can read about my experience at SMASH and the interviews I had with the Japanese guests below.

Guilty Gear Xrd -SIGN- Trailer #1

Are you a fan of the Arcade fighting game series, Guity Gear? If you are then you would be happy to know that the franchise is coming out with a new game soon! Watch the Guilty Gear Xrd –SIGN- trailer above!

I’m still stuck in the era of Guilt Gear XX (Probably only Reload =_=;) so you can tell I haven’t been in touch with the game for a quite while. But seriously, what’s wrong with Ky’s hair?! Am I the only one who find the pony tail scrunchie beyond weird? How does that thing even defy gravity and just hangs in the middle of the tail with no visible support?!

How to make simple Shoe Covers

In this entry I'm going to share with you guys how I made the shoe covers for my Millia Rage cosplay

Things you'll need 

  • A pair of covered shoes/heels
  • A pair of Thick socks
  • A pair of Stockings/ Tights In the colour of the end product. If possible, get opaque/ thick ones.
  • Scissors
  • Tread & needle (if you’re making your own socks)


STEP 1: Make a Tabi lookalike sock

I didn't have any dispensable White stockings on hand but I have some stretchy white fabric which I bought from Philippines when I was there for FantasyQuest 2012, so I made myself a pair of socks. If you managed to find the perfect pair of coloured stocking/tights/socks you can skip this step.

To figure out how to make the ‘socks’, I first start by test and trialling with a pair of old sock. Using a covered pair of shoes would be much preferred .

Millia_Rage 021Millia_Rage 022

I basically wore the pair of sock through the shoe and cut a small slit for the heel to go through. Go slow with this step and cut the slit slowly. You can always make the hole bigger but not the other way round.

Millia_Rage 016

I made sure I liked how everything looks then I take the sock out and used it as a pattern reference. 

Millia_Rage 017

The original sock with my draft.  I basically use it as a comparison to have an idea of where to curve and where the hole would be.

Millia_Rage 002

This is how the pattern of the socks looks like when it is laid flat on one side. It doesn’t look exactly like my reference sock but it fits best to the contours of my shoe. Feel free to change the draft according to your own shoe, this is not a fixed rule =)

I didn't want to have a line running through the middle of my shoes so I folded my fabric in half and sewed on the red dashed line.

Millia_Rage 019

And then you get a pair of Tabi-lookalike socks! Make a pair of them.

STEP 2: Slip the socks over your shoe

The next few steps are going to be a breeze. Just slip your newly made tabi socks over both your shoes and you're done !

Millia_Rage 020

My problem here was that my shoe was black and my tabi-lookalike socks were not thick enough to hide that completely. To solve that issue, I slipped another layer of thick cotton socks in between my Tabi-lookalike socks and Shoe. Problem solved Open-mouthed smile !

Millia_Rage 003555106_504614872909174_117591936_n

In the above pictures, the cotton sock is seen being worn underneath my tabi-lookalike socks. As you can tell, the grooves/texture of the cotton socks showed through a little so if you can, avoid using deeply textured cotton socks underneath. Unfortunately for me, time was pinching and this pair of socks was all I could get which is why I used it =\.

And there you have it, a pair of super easy to make and use shoe cover. Granted that this method might not work for all footwear but it has got to be one of the easiest method around.


In case my tutorial was not clear enough , go check out LolaInProgress's tutorial on using store bought stockings for Hatsune miku's shoe. In her example , she encouraged using a pair of heels in the same shade as your final product. As I didn't have a pair of white heels that was tall enough,  I used my homura Akemi black pumps

Like I explained above, instead of using 2 covers , I used a layer of thick store bought socks and a layer of custom made cover to both mask the original colour and smooth out the bumps in the shoe. 

Millia_Rage 004 (2) Millia_Rage 005 (2) Millia_Rage 010

This is the first time I tried making shoe cover with this sock technique and I'm surprisingly happy with the result. As you can see from the above WIP photos. I had originally tried to make fabric shoe covers like I usually would but I soon lost interest and looked towards a simpler ‘cheater’ method.


Have fun and good luck for your cosplay! If you’re keen to see the other Millia Rage cosplay photos of mine, click to read this entry!! Remember to leave me a comment and tell me what you think about this tutorial Open-mouthed smile

Interview with Neneko & Momo (Taiwan)

Neneko & Momo are two popular Taiwanese Cosplayers. They were in town last month as the special  guests at the Fuwa Fuwa Run Maid Cafe’s Debut event and we had the chance to interview them!

Photo: ダンガンロンパ ♥ 速報 - 肉感少女-Neneko<br /><br />絕望是我的興奮劑 !<br /><br />來吧 ? 讓我興奮吧 ? 愉快的學級裁判 -♪<br /><br />這組照片完全挑戰我的情緒&肢體 (喘)<br />真是 太♥ 舒 ♥ 服♥ 了♥ <br /><br />嗚噗噗噗噗噗w嗚噗噗w<br /><br />photo by 吉田舜 洧愷攝影 

Taiwanese Cosplayer Neneko & Momo

Fuwa Fuwa Run Maid Cafe:

Also watch how Neneko and Momo tours around Marina Bay area in Singapore here!
You guys would proabbly notice a difference in the video and autio quality here. Yes, the video is not done by yours truly but by Anthony from StillCostograph! Special thanks him for his awesome effort Open-mouthed smile! Remember to check more of his works out at his page~

Houshin Engi (Photoshoot Part 2)

houshin engi cover 01

:iconelpheal: as Taikoubou       &          :iconyuanie: as Yozen

Photos by: Brian Lim

Assistants: Erika & Roger

This is part 2 of the photoshoot that I did last September with Yuanie and Brian! Click here to read the first part!

If you have never heard of Houshin Engi (understandably since it’s 12 freakin years old!) , I highly recommend you to read it if time permits! There is a Anime spin off but the Manga wins hands down! Click here to read the WIkipedia sypnosis!


I am cosplaying as a Taoist Sennen called Taikoubou. He is based on a historic character and he is also the main protagonist of the series. He is the leader of the group and is respected for being a highly intelligent strategist.

SWIVhRU13KimfgZrymhdNRbW8TFKzp3SAcsygHI3sgsHe uses a weapon called the “Dashinben” (god whipper) (which in my opinion looks very ugly =o=… why do I always cosplay/ like characters with very mweh character design =o=?)  which is a wind elemental weapon that allows it’s wielder to control wind.

IMHO, the weapon is very befitting of him, in fact, it is almost metaphorically him!


Much like wind, Taikoubou is a character that influences and manipulates the situation around him gravely yet unseen. He is powerful yet most of the time you can‘t take him seriously! This is the guy who would eat and sleep at the same time XD

In the picture above, he is fishing… with a hook that is straight.


”愿者上钩”, literally translated to  “ The willing will take the bait”. This is a Chinese idiom supposedly spoken by Taikoubou’s historic reference.


Much thanks to Brian for helping me to photoshop my Fishing rod. It was made from 2 canes , the type that asian parents use to whip their kids xD They were chosen for their rustic feel but unfortunately , they don’t come long enough for fishing rods. So I had to tape 2 canes together to form a rod. It looked ridiculous but that was all I could do…


Yes, this is every asian child’s worse nightmare xD

I had a lot of fun during the shoot. Being able to cosplay a character I’ve had on my Wishlist for near a decade was unbelievably exciting. I really liked Taikoubou’s noble but wacky personality and I really let it all out during the shoot!


Whenever the photographer is not shooting me, I would be gorging myself with chips and green tea xD


If you are a fan you would probably recognise the first photo in this entry, which is a replication of it’s first manga cover.

Houshin Engi 1 Page 1

You are probably wondering how it’s done. How the heck did we managed to shoot such an unreasonable and inhuman pose?! And what the heck was Fujisaki sensei thinking when he drew his protagonist in a pose that one cannot decide whether he is falling or flying!!!?! What kind of cover art is this to kick start a new series?!?!

Do you agree with me? Do you agree? DO YOU AGREE WITH ME?  NE NE NEEE???!!!!

- end rant -

Sorry I digressed. Brian and I discussed and brainstormed a lot about this and after much discussion, we came up with the idea of making a makeshift white screen studio in the middle of our outdoor location to get this. Our plan, if I recall correctly, was to aim to achieve this effect by having me 1) pose on a chair and take multiple shots then photoshop it together 2) have me jump , bend my back and let the shutter fly hopefully capturing something useful.


The white screen set up in the middle of the park in the dark, LOL!


To achieve the correct perspective that was similar to the artwork, Brian had to stand on a stool and shoot from an extreme top down angle. Then I have to try my very best to bend backwards as much as I possibly can.


I know it doesn’t seem like much but I’m really not very flexible, neither do I do Yoga. Every snap on the shutter and every tick of the clock felt like years when my back is bent like that. I also tend to have low blood pressure so my head was crying out everything time I stood back X_X.

We tried both methods for a couple of times and decided it wasn’t going to work.

So we tried the 3rd method, which is to take photos of the torso and lower body separately then photoshop them together.


Here in this picture, Roger is holding onto a torch to allow the camera to focus on me. It was too dark for the camera to focus. Both Roger and Erika are also holding on to the ends of my costume so they can fling it in the air to simulate movement xD

Picture from COS’fail


For the lower part of the body, I was supposed to jump and get into position but I’m apparently not athletic enough …. so my poor helpers had to hold my arms like this =_=;


Here’s roughly how each picture looks like. What’s left after this was a lot of photoshopping by yours truly… I swear I have not done such extreme DI for a longgggggg while =_=;

The whole shoot ended at around 9+pm and we were starvingggggg. Again much thanks to my lovely Helpers and Photographer for making my dream shoot and dream pose come true! Lastly, I would liek to thank my Yozen, Yuanie for her incredible patience and for sticking through the project with me T_T

Hope you guys had fun reading! Remember to leave me a comment and pop over to Yuanie and Brian’s Facebook page if you want to see more of their other works! Of course, pop over to TCC’s facebook too if you have not ! There is a lot of funny nonsense there xD

Momo Photo/Video DVD Giveaway RESULT!

I’m here to announce the winner for Taiwanese Cosplayer Momo’s Video/Photo DVD Rom. It really is a very nice piece of work =)

Fuwa Fuwa Run Maid Cafe:
Cosmo Youth Parade:

And the winner is …….

Fullscreen capture 552013 51101 PM.bmp Fullscreen capture 552013 51210 PM.bmp

What do you know?! Our very own videographer from that event! There were 3 deleted comments so I took them out from the total comment count.

Congratulations to Anthony Tan for winning the Momo’s Photo/video DVD! Please email me at elpheal@gmail[dot]com and let me know your mailing address and recipient name by 12th May 2013 \ ^_^ /. If the winner doesn’t respond before that, I will select another winner Open-mouthed smile No, now I no longer email the winner because I’m tired of being the one doing all the work.

And don’t feel discouraged if you didn’t win, I have a lot of other giveaways coming soon!