Nintama, Live Action movie!

映画『実写版映画 忍たま乱太郎』特報


It's a Nintama Live Action Movie!!!! Ahhh the main boy is SHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTEEE!!! All the characters look SO MUCH like the anime! This is the epitome of Cosplay !!!!!!

I've been a fan of the series since my schooldays and I remember how I would rush home after saturday remedial to catch them on TV! I even recorded the song and wrote romanji lyrics of it so I could sing a long xD

I'm so glad they casted the children as kids instead of beautifying it, making them bishoujo/bishounen teenagers and turning it into some HSM teen idol flick. That would have been lame.

JAPAN EARTHQUAKE - "GENKIDAMA" Saves the world, please click!

Hey guys! Shueisha has put up 3 videos to help garner/earn donations for the Tohoku Quake victims.!!! Now you have no excuse to not help by watching all the videos below and spreading it to everyone you know to help boost the view count! It's that simple !

How it works is simple, the more view count = more money for the victims.

Please click Japanese ver.

By viewing this video, all proceeds will be donated to the victims of the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami.
The donations collected will be reported on "" as well as
magazines published by Shueisha Inc.

The wallpaper, showing Akira Toriyama's message, is available for download below.

Please comment in English translated into Japanese.
The victims in Japan can read them.

Drgaonball "Genkidama" !

AKB48 supports japan!

Just Be Friends 2010 Live


Because I’m being random and love the song enough to do thie entry. But more because I think HD rocks to the point of counting audience head and leek holders <3

Click the photo for a bigger size!


*SCREAMS* AHHHHHHHHHH I can’t get enough of Luka’s awesomeness in this video and can’t stop feeling stupid for fangirling over a 2D prohection but that is the powar of 2D nonono?!??!!!!!!!???

Defense Devil, Idamaria Costume Journey!

Hey peeps, I’m back for another costume journey/breakdown entry Open-mouthed smile I don’t know about you, but as a cosplayer myself, I LOVE knowing/learning how other cosplayers do their costumes and props. I might not ever do a costume that required that knowledge but it’s always interesting to know.


Anyway, here to share my Idamaria’s Costume journey with you guys ^_^. First off, I decided to cut myself some slack and tailor this costume instead of making it from scratch. Other than the black dress base, everything else is self made.
Mad love the job my tailor did on the dress! 


You know how dark coloured clothes can merge the subject into the background?. I found out through this cosplay that sometimes... It's good to use reflective cloth :D The material for Idamaria's dress reflects enough light to sculpt the figure but not too much to blind the photos. The fabric is a sort of polyester satin from Ghim Joo :D.

And mad love the lantern sleeves my tailor and I devised for such sleeves. Okay, more credits to my tailor than me =X We used the same pattern for Eclair too. I shall do another entry for the sleeves in the future.
The golden cross are cut from golden vinyl, added 3d paint to the edge and sprayed. The little knoots/screw thingy are made from.... make a guess!


Yellow cylinder format erasers!!! It must have been the most fun part of the costume. Prior to using erasers, I tried modelling with paper clay. Made a bunch of them by rolling the clay out and cookie cut them out with straws (they are the red ones in the above pic). But the result was very asymmetrical and varied buttons =(

Anyway, the erasers were super glued on and the entire cross motifs were sprayed metallic gold then stuck onto the dress with my trusty fabric glue.  After spraying them I realise how idiotic I was for shelling out $9 to buy gold vinyl , only to sprayed over later.

AFAX2010_WIP 003
Made my sword with the cardboard method. The paint job was a disaster and kept flaking (think I should invest in some sort of paint sealent product ) but the sword was ultra light. Kaname and Aira were both super shocked when they tried holding the sword xD

Sliced into my toes while cutting the cardboard. It was really ouch T_T

Tried to save some money by making my cross instead of buying it. It is made out of polyfoam (name?) with a layer of hard cardboard and painted with white nail polish. And I learnt the slow way that despite coating with white glue, the foam is still prone to corroding under spray paint. Had to do the cross 3 times T__T

Made my petticoat myself and though it wasn't perfect, I'm still pleased with how it turned out. Also love my skirt's lace which i bought from korea. 

Made the pouch out of foam. Click here to find the template for it.


The gun was made by combining a store bought toy and a cardboard fixture on top of it. Black foam and white paper was used to create the cross like design on the cardboard fixture while white 3D paint was used to write the words. Those words pretty much killed my fingers=_=


Boots are store bought. Was super lucky to have found a identical pair at an affordable price!
Alright, this marks the end of my boring and lengthy costume entry! Please let me know what you think about such costume entries xD

Prayers from Cosplayers to Japan

Hi guys! I'm sure without much need for an introduction, you guys would know I'm talking about the 8.9 Richter Earthquake and Tsunami that struck Japan on the 11th March 2011. 

I just want to express my heartfelt concerns and well wishes to all the victims of this natural phenomenon. And being a cosplay blog, I would like to take this chance to introduce this website called 'Prayers from Cosplayers ' to all of you. It is a campaign to let cosplayers all around the world gather together to show their encouragements and support to Japan!

*Singaporeans reading this, please SMS "RedCross" to 75772 to donate $50 to the Japan earthquake victims.

Just take a photo of yourself in costume with a piece of paper that has the japan flag symbol and your well wishes. Then upload the photo to the website.

I'll admit I wasn't for the whole "Support events" idea initially because I'm a practical person who believes donation is better than anything (I still think it is). And I didn't want to be seen as trying to get something out of this catastrophe.

But then I realise, for a country with almost unparallel economic and financial standing... money is not what the people need most (it of course is, but I'm referring to the spiritual sense). And that words of comfort can be the most powerful healing power on earth. I am most touched by how united and well behaved the people of Japan is in such times of crisis. No looting or raping and a lot of graciousness. What more can a society ask for? 

I have to admit, the biggest part to hit me about this catastrophe is not the gravity of the situation but how selfless all of them responded to the situation. For that, I cry and pray =|

So cosplayers all around the world, lets put on our costumes and show the motherland of our hobby some well deserved support!

I might be doing some charity drive to hopefully contribute in a more practical way. So stay tuned >.<


Remember this post? Managed to get into the top 8 finalist bloggers with that and then went to the Singapore Discovery Centre the following weekend.

And now…. I’ve been selected to cover the Singapore day event at Shanghai!!!


This is old news to those who follow me on Facebook but still …. THANK YOU for all your support guys!!!!! I ‘m sure without you guys, I wouldn’t have been offered the chance *sniffs*

I promise I’ll try to find something to bring back for you guys ^_^. In the meanwhile…does anyone have any Shanghai travel tips or MustGoTos to share with me? I’d love to buy cosplay materials there but I have no freakin idea where! Google isn’t being very helpful either @_@

Foam Pouch Template

I was a little pissed when I couldn't find an affordable white pouch for my Idamaria cosplay in the stores . And with the time ticking by, I was left with no choice but to make one.

JIM_2028 copy

And with my past experience in making pouches, I must say they are a b*tch to handle. But I managed to 'invent' a simple method of pouch making with foam. Yes, foam.


Obviously, this kind of pouches are only suitable for certain characters. So use your own judgment =)

Materials you need:

  1. At least B3 sized foam in the colour of your choice
  2. Scissor / Penknife
  3. Sewing equipment ( sewing machine, needle etc)
  4. Pencil
  5. Ruler

Step 1.
Start by measuring and calculating the size of your pouch. Resize the template as required. One very important factor in cosplay that many overlook, is making sure your props and accessories are proportionate to the wearer. So take note that what might look suitable on me might be too big for you etc.

Step 2.
Draft the template out on your foam according to your own measurements.

TCC_Pouch template_Final
 Step 3.
Cut the foam along the red solid lines.

Step 4.
Sew along the green and magenta dashed lines. The green dashed lines will be sewed together with the green dashed lines. While the magenta dashed lines will be sewed together with the magenta dashed lines.

Leave the orange dashed lines alone, they appear only as a visual guideline of where to fold. If you need belt holes, then slit the foam along the two red slit lines.

Step 5.
Attach velcro (I used superglue) or your preferred fastener/hooks to the pouch cover and you're done!

AFAX2010_WIP 040

AFAX2010_WIP 039AFAX2010_WIP 043

As you can tell, using foam eliminates the trouble of having to interlock the edges and gives a nice smooth plasticy effect.

A gentle warning; it might be good to avoid storing heavy objects and suspend the pouch on the slits. Even though the pouch itself is resilient enough, dangling the weight through the slits can tear the foam above the slits.

AFAX2010_WIP 045
Hope you enjoyed this tutorial, remember to comment!

This is why I wanna visit a Con in the west !


4 years too late but… really, this is why I wanna visit a Con in the states Canada!

*EDIT: Apparently these videos were not taken at a Convention in the States. My inital blog intention was actually directed towards Western Conventions in general but an error is an error, so I’m here to correct it =)

Uploaded by mastorione

Akatsuki vs Shinsengumi in an epic battle for supremacy

Uploaded by EmonKataren

The Greater Vancouver branch of Shinsengumi cosplayers complete Stage 4 of the Fight Progression first started at Sakura-Con 2007 with a great deal of help from Akatsuki.
Again, utmost care was taken so that we did not break convention policy regarding fighting/sparring.
Stages 1-3 can be seen here:
Taken at Anime Evolution 2007 in Burnaby, BC.

Uploaded by EmonKataren

The Vancouver branch of Peacemaker Kurogane and Shinsengumi cosplayers demonstrate an incomplete step-by-step to building a charge/battle scene that doesn't quite exactly break convention policy re: sparring/fighting.

Taken at Sakura-Con 2007 in Seattle, WA. To be completed at Anime Evolution 2007 in Burnaby, BC.

Why can’t we do something like this in Singapore??? Someone please volunteer yourself!!!!

I left the best for the last. Enjoy!

ComiFest 2011

How many of you went Jplex last weekend?


Guess what? I ended up going Comifest last saturday and regretted it. I'm not going to go into the Nitti gritty nor am I going to bash the organizers. I've already expected it to be a lackluster event...sadly, it was worse than I expected.


My condolence to the organisers though; I'm sure it wasn't their intention but they are getting a lot of flake now. After all, they didn’t specifically brand this event as a Cosplay Event. But nevertheless, the event was pretty uneventful and weird to be alongside Wedding planners.


My biggest grip though, was the lack of cosplayers. Low head count was probably due to the schedule clash with Jplex.


Artist Showcase!


Doujin and Gaming Booths





Miku and Misamisa?


Most adorable Konata spotted!





Ciel from Kuroshitsuji


Canterella Vocaloids!




Comic books!


Inazuma Eleven


Jesuke as a character from Sekirei


Kyubi as a character from Sekirei



Ash as a character from Sekirei


Yes… obviously I don’t know their character name =x


Kagamine rin!



I have no idea how I got this photo….


Allen Walker and Kanda from D’Gray Man


Rozen Maiden


Everyone together, Awwwwwwwww >.< Isn’t she adorable???


Matroshyka Vocaloids!



And the sexiest and scariest President ever. From DMC.


Someone tell me who he is doing please…..