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I seriously pity Reiko LOL!!!!! I am highly amused!

Worldwide Cosplayer Photo journey: article status update


Just a short update about the status of the Worldwide Cosplayer Photo journey Project.

Sigh, the item is still listed as “ Despatched to overseas”. It has been reflecting the same status since last week.  With such a massive delay in the shipping process, I’m contemplating some changes to the rules and deadline =\

Cosfest Poll!

I'm feeling tired and braindead. So share with me what you guys think I should do at Cosfest!

Meeting Kipi @ Genting!

So I went for a short short short weekend getaway at Genting Highlands located in Malaysia with a few friends. It was an awesome trip and the cool climate there was such a refreshing relieve from Singapore’s  usual burning.

P1120410 copy
at the malls with arcades and ‘Funland' like stores

On the last day of our trip, we took a cable car ride down hill to visit the ponies and gawk at the awe-inspiring scenery of the highland. And while brisk walking to the cable car area, an unexpected encounter arises!

To my utmost astonishment, I saw a famous Japanese Cosplayer at one of the NeoPrint shop! And she is……..



Yes, the famous japanese cosplayer. Best known for her Suzumiya and Shana and many many moe cosplays!


Pictures credit to Kipi herself and crimsonrain.com













P1120411 copy

It was totally unexpected. This is taken outside the print shop where I saw her! And took many photos of her without permission =X

Apologies for the poor quality of my camera that refused to work under the low light. I tried my best to photoshop as well as I could but the quality are still pretty shitty u_u Either way, hope you guys will enjoy them!








 P1120412 copy

Kipi 1P1120413 copy

Kipi 2 P1120414 copy

Kipi 3P1120381 copy

So did you guys enjoyed it? HAHAHAHHAA. Apologies for taking photographs without permission. Bad Kaika xD

I seriously wonder how long these photographs have been there. The colour seemed somewhat washed out when i saw it in RL and honestly, how can anyone call Neoprint a ‘Latest Attraction’ ?! That thing has been around for near 2 decades! Old enough to be a teenager by itself!

I wonder how Kipi would feel if she saw this. How would you feel if one fine day, you find your own Cosplay photos printed and plastered on A2 size pillars?

If you ask me, I’d admit, it is a big compliment. BUT I’d also feel greatly displeased to have my hardwork and intellectual property so blatantly USED and EXPLOITED without permission!

Yes, piracy is prevalent and heck,  everyone of us here has in some ways been part of it too by supporting Vocaloid PVs and variety shows on Youtube and downloading scans or Animes etc.

But when things are brought out of the virtual world and into a physical + COMMERCIAL world. I believe we are talking about something on a totally different scale altogether. Of course one might argue that maybe that shop owner is Kipi’s personal friend or have paid her a hefty commission fee. But I frankly doubt.

What do you guys think?

Hi peeps! I'm probably late in linking this but Danny Choo and Alodia fans out there, heads up!

Here's an upload of the 1st episode of Danny Choo's very own Television show, screening on Tokyomxtv. And first Otaku to be featured is *rolls drum*... Alodia Gosiengfiao!

Part 1/3
 Alodia appears somewhere at 3:09

Part 2/3

Part 3/3

The lack of subtitles are really getting to me @_@||| I think I'll just wait for some kind souls to sub it hahaha.


SCC: Japan Fiesta 2010

Alright, this week marks the ending of the first half of 2010 and Singapore’s Cosplay Drought (or not!). 

Starting from this coming weekend, the Singapore Cosplay Club shall help kick start the avalanche of Cosplay events to flood the local cosplay Community. Starting with the Japan Fiesta @ Orchard Central.

Venue: Orchard Central

Time: 11.00am-9.00pm

26th June 2010

  • 11.00am Booths open 3.00pm
  • Cosplay Performances presented by Cosfest
    -World Cosplay Summit Championship 2008 Second Runner Up Pair [YuiMino] from Tokyo
    -World Cosplay Summit 2008 Korea National Representatives
    -World Cosplay Summit 2008 Singapore National Representative
    -Performance by Rie from Osaka
  • 9.00pm  Event End

27th June 2010

  • 11.00am Booths open
  • 12.00pm Asia Cosplay Meet Screenings
  • 4.00pm Asia Cosplay Meet Live Judging from Phillippines
  • 9.00pm Event End

This event is hosted in conjunction with the Asia Cosplay Meet Phillippines and we will get to see their cosplay event live whilst Phillippines will also be able to see us!
This is the first time two cosplay events are being held parallel to each other in South East Asia.

Booths available

  • Maid Cafe serving food and drinks
  • Anime Merchandise
  • Japanese karaoke
  • Pachinko machine exhibit
  • Takoyaki stall
  • Second hand manga/doujinshi/toys booth
  • Japanese street wear sales


Anyone going?

The line up of foreign cosplayers looks reallly realllyy cool. Sadly, I can't cover the event this time ;_; Will be out of the country for a short getaway which i have been looking forward to since forever =) Have fun peeps!

Naruto (Life action )

Someone just pimped me this. According to the title, its like the best Naruto Life Action video in China.

Now that you’ve watched the video, I’m sure you’ll agree that the title was halfarsed. But that said, I gotta admit I comment them for their efforts and the skills of their video producer. Lovely sharingan and flames effect. Personally as a Cosplayer, I’d love to be involved in such a production and bring my own worshipped series to life.

I’m starting to feel like I ought to continue watching Naruto.  I’ve abandoned it ever since the fillers came in=_=;;;; Yeah, that’s like SUPER long ago.

Jay Chou’s new song with the animation of Naruto. Last finger bit is very ….leaves much to intepretation lols

The Anime Character Quiz: VIDEOS!!!!!

Wooot, there's a lot of updates today. Hehehe, its my attempt to make up for the lack of contents this past week.


Anyway, so I played a small game with some cosplayers during Soy’B and this is the final consolidated video.  How the game works is, I will show a video slideshow of 30 Anime Character pictures and the cosplayers have to say out the name of that specific Anime character as fast as possible.

Sounds easy? 

Well, it would be if you had all the time in the world to think. But nope, they (or you if you’re gonna attempt) only have 3 seconds each. If you’re game enough for it, then go ahead and try the quiz below!

How did you fared xDDD ???  Tell me your score in the comments!

I bet you stumbles and sluttered and probably waved your hands hysterically at the screen. Just like what some cosplayers did in the video below. Enjoy =)

Isn’t it very HAHAHHALOLWTFBBQXD?????? 


Can’t remember who took this photo >.< If you know who did, please comment and I'll update!

Gotta love their reactions ! Much apologies for taking so freaking long to churn this video out. Literally 6months *palms forehead*. But in my defense, I did a lot of other stuffs like Just Be Friends Cosplay PV , TCC videos, Worldwide Cosplayer Photo Journeys, work, life, my own cosplays etc etc so well……you really can’t blame me can ya ?


And of course, the biggest reason why this took so long was…………………because it’s FREAKIN INSANE TO EDIT!!!!!!!! See those little vertical lines in the pic above? every 2 lines symbolizes one cut, and that’s the simpler way of explaining things.

Anyway, nuff with my complains. I guess this is something you guys won’t understand *sigh*. Hope you enjoyed the videos and remember to  follow the blog and the blog’s twitter to get updates! Tata !!!

I figured you guys might want the correct answer so here it is xD

  1. Son Goku (Dragonball)
  2. Killua (Hunter x hunter)
  3. Alucard (Hellsing)
  4. Kira Yamato (Gundam Seed)
  5. Shana (Shakugan no Shana)
  6. Natsume (Natsume Yuujinchou)
  7. Ayanami Rei (Neon Genesis Evangelion )
  8. Lina Inverse (Slayers)
  9. Tamaki Suoh (Ouran Host Club)
  10. Kos-Mos (i forgot :P)
  11. Kon (BLEACH)
  12. Saber (Fate Stay Night)
  13. Uzumaki Naruto (Naruto)
  14. Asahina Mikuru (The melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi)
  15. Syaoran (Tsubasa Chronicles)
  16. Sagara Sousuke ( Full Metal Panic)
  17. Edward Elric (Full Metal Alchemist)
  18. Asakura Yoh ( Shaman King)
  19. Johan (Monster)
  20. Luffy ( One Piece)
  21. Haruko (FLCL)
  22. Heero Yuy (Gundam Wing)
  23. Suzumiya Haruhi (The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi)
  24. Onitzuka (Great Teacher Onitzuka)
  25. Kuchiki Rukia (BLEACH)
  26. Sakura (Tsubasa Chronicles)
  27. Chii ( Chobits)
  28. Chibimoon (SailorMoon)
  29. Mogami Kyoko (Skip Beat)
  30. Inu Yasha (Inu Yasha)


Streetfest 2010: Photo Pimp 2 !

Yeay, 2nd blast of my Streetfest photos! This post won’t have as much commentaries but I don’t think you peeps will mind hurhur.
 P1120108  P1120111
Peggy as Sheryl Nome. Very elegant version :D Gotta love the big sun hat!
P1120113 P1120114
APH: Make love not wars!
EDIT: Cosplayed by  Damsasaki and Sarina . Thanks to Suki for pointing out =)
P1120120 P1120119
Yuanie and other cosplayers having their own mini photoshoots at different corners of the event place 
A very cute lady. She wasn’t cosplaying but her vibrant dress up was hard to ignore and I requested for a photo. Which she kindly obliged ;)
EDIT: Her name/nick is Noriko. Thanks to Shadow for highlighting
Camwhorez with Lovecraft and Sour_cheese! It was really nice talking with the two ladies. Looking forward to their next costume hurhurhur.
Erm, just a screencap of Cvy getting photo raped. I thought this still was just too magnificent xD
If you are a fan of Kanasaiii’s fans, then this is the closest you’ll ever reach to kissing her. AHAHAHHAHAHA. Let’s hope she never find this photo and comes after me with her whip. Oops!
I think Cvy took this pic.
Jesuke and DDTenka
With 2 very cute young ladies =) One of them, I believed is called BlackSakura xD?

Winalise  Kiellne as an original character
EDIT: AHHHH I”M SO SORRY KIE!!! I can’t believe I got it wrong *palms forehead* Thanks to Sansele for highlighting
Cvy photobombs!!!!1
Camwhorez with Ariki ! The light here looks great *_*
Some photographer with big ass equipment *_* Don’t mind the mosaic/censoring of the random passerby in the foreground. I really hate random passerbys in my events photos =_=. 

Kie and Natsura checking out their camwhore pics xD

Edit: Natsura cosplaying Karisawa Erika from Durarara

Camwhores with parishu Natsura!  Love the sunset shadows *_*!

Golden Feline as a character from ….Pandora Hearts??? Arghhhh I asked for the series name but forgot T_T
EDIT: Apparently she’s cosplaying as a character (probably Alice? ) from Will of Abyss. Thanks to xAoiSora for highlighting
P1120148 P1120151
The multiplying of GakupoidS. This is another screencap btw. Will upload a video of this funny scene soon XD
Lennethxvii running away from my camera xD
 P1120161 P1120163
Moar camwhores with The ever kawaii korean (kawaii & korean shouldn’t be used with each other right? what’s the korean equivalent of ‘kawaii’? ) looking Lenne and Isis!

Sakurazaki and Shuki as *GASP* Rosette Christopher and Azmaria from Chrono Crusade !!!! *FANGIRLS SCREAM*
See what I eman about random passerbys?
Default Megurine Luka !!
I remember he mentioned that he was cosplayign as someone from Valkyrie Profile. Or something with the word “Valkyrie” in it. Again, URGH, passerbys!
When I have oddly framed pictures with random kid like this, you know I was in some photographer’s wall.
Ayanami Rei with a red weapon. Can anyone enlighten me what exactly is that? This weapon can bounce xD Its pretty cute to see it wriggle in real life .

EDIT: Oooh that’s a Trident. Thanks to Zumi for the info. Now for the next question….why is it called a ‘TRI’dent when it has only DUO spikes. Misleading much? lols
Edit2: okay.............. I seriously have no idea what this ought to be called and I'm too lazy to research because like diffrent people are telling me different thing. I'm just cgonna call it the red spear thing

Kagamine Rin , Magnet, white version. This picture would be perfect without those pair of legs in the background=_=
 P1120166   P1120181
Kyubei and Mitsuki as idunnowadversion of Kagamine Rin and Gakupoid. Awesome costumes though *_*
EDIT: Okay, so they were doing the “Setsugetsuka” version and..Mitsuki is cosplaying LEN, not Rin =_=. Damn androgyny! Thanks to Shadow for highlighting
 P1120185 P1120186 P1120187
And here’s some video stills of Kyubei doing silly stuffs for my camera xD Ariki joins in later. Ahhaha, I will try to upload asap>.<.
Alright, this marks the end of my massive long photo spammage!