Interview with Sakura Tange (Seiyuu of Kinomoto Sakura)

With thanks to the wonderful organising committee of SMASH (Sydney Manga and Anime Show ), I had the great chance to meet and interview the voice of Kinomoto Sakura; Sakura Tange! It was such a fan girl moment for Peggy and myself and we felt so blown away by her talent and niceness !
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Special thanks to Reiko for helping me transcript the entire interview! I hope this interview gives you and insight into the life of a Seiyuu and the voice behind Kinomoto Sakura!
Kaika: Hi, nice to meet you Tange-San .

Tange: Nice to meet you too.

Kaika: It’s so nice to meet the voice of Sakura Kinomoto, it’s something we both grew up watching.

Tange: Ah~ Thank you~

Kaika: I hope you are enjoying Australia very much

Tange: Yes yes. Ah, I only just came to Australia today (I’m going to be saying this in Japanese), I have been shown around and I really come to like it! Although this is my first time.

Kaika: I see I see, ok. My first question to you will be like, you are very well-known for your extremely cheerful and positive “genki” voice; so does it come naturally for you? Or do you have to get yourself into the mood, or what happens when you happen to be in a totally different mood?

Tange: Ahh I think maybe what the two of you saw of me is as Sakura… I actually put work on hold for 10 years, if you two have heard me it must have been works before 2000… from 10 years ago right?

Kaika: Yeah.

Tange: Before 2002, it is quite true to say that I have been voicing for characters with very high tension(high/hyper) or those very hesitant characters who tend to be very quiet and withdrawn…

Tange: Put in Japanese, they wld be like “junior/kouhai” characters (as opposed to senior/senpai”, younger characters, or little sister character…

Kaika: Yeaaaahhhh

Tange: I used to do those characters, 2009? When I came back to this line, my first series was a game called Love Plus (can’t really hear after this…)
Interpreter: After 10 years of blank, she released another one on 2009… you guys were watching her before 2000, but she released another (book?) in 2009, and it’s a game called Love Plus. Do you know Love Plus?

Kaika: ….. ?

Tange: Ah, then do you know Tokimeki Memorial? It’s a Love Simulation game also produced by KONAMI.

Kaika: Oh yes.

Tange: The love simulation game that represents the Showa era is Tokimeki Memorial, but at this point of time, the SIM game that represents the current Heisei era is Love Plus.

Tange: So the producer who did the casting said, because your voice has a very strong lil-sis character image, you, as the owner of that voice, have the possibility of becoming the general Japanese population’s lil-sis character, so he casted me.

Tange: Yes yes, because 10 years ago I kept doing imouto/age-wise younger characters, that image is very strong, and within the producer himself, he thought that the voice has the possibility of becoming the Japanese’s national imouto…

Kaika: Oh~ I see I see. So, she took a 9-yr break from voice-acting; is it possible for her to share with us why she decided to take a break and such a long break?

Tange: In the Seiyuu industry it was considered a break, but I have continued to work in a line that express with the voice.

Tange: So it wasn’t that I did a full break off; Although it was mainly internet-based, I released CDs and did lives

Tange: And the eventual trigger was due to that offer from the manager responsible for Love Plus, he extended the offer of working together, and because of that I came back to the seiyuu industry. So at that time it was just right on the dot. 10 years.

Kaika: So is it possible to share with us, what exactly is it like to be a professional voice actor in Japan? Like what’s the social climate, and what’s the industry like.

Tange: Before, it was a rare job, and do you know a place called Seiyu? We were thought to be shop assistants from there lol. The kanji is different though.
So when I have to declare official documents, if I write “seiyuu” in the blank for occupation, the tax people will ask like “ are you hitting registers at supermarkets?”. There were episodes like that lol. (Though I think it must be the tax people’s sense of humour… how can they not recognize the different kanjis lol)

Kaika: So, out of so many characters she has voiced, which does she think has the most impact on her career?

Tange: Going by how well the series is known, I would think Card Captor Sakura. Everyone has very kindly watched it right? (two voices mix here and I can’t really make out) In an earlier questions where you asked if the genki character/voice is natural or acted, I haven’t really answered that. With age, the characters that are easy to portray changes along with time
Tange: Recently, tsundere is quite easy for me to do. Do you know of it?

Kaika: Can she do like a demonstration for us?

Tange: NO! (`^´)…. Uso~ <3 (I was lying to you)

Everyone: Hahahaaa xD

Kaika: Is it possible for her to use Sakura’s voice and do the chant Sakura always do before she release the cards?



And the interview ended with Sakura Tange reciting the ‘Hoshi Chant’ that Sakura always say before she releases the Hoshi Cards. Peggy and I were SO blown away by her voice acting ability! She was able to memorise the lines and get into the exact mood IMMEDIATELY *_* I wish I could let you guys hear it but I am not allowed to post the audio online so, Gomen na Minna >w<

There will be more interviews entry coming up as soon as they get approved ^_^. Look forward! Remember to comment and share this blog if you liked it!

Sakura Tange’s official website:

Rurouni Kenshin Actor, Takeru Sato video for Singapore

I’m a little late in discovering this but check out this video message from Takeru Sato to the fans in Singapore ^_^. Takeru Sato is the actor for the widely loved character; Himura Kenshin in the live movie adaptation of the series.

Belated Merry Christmas!

Can't believe I forgot to wish my blog readers Merry Christmas! Sorry for the belatedness T_T


Interview with Shinichirou Miki

The voice behind hugely popular characters such as Lockon Stratos from gundam 00, Roy Mustang from Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Kisuke Urahara from BLEACH and many more. For a full list of the characters he have lent his voice to, click here.

I had the awesome privilege to interview Shinichiro Miki when he was invited as a guest for the amazing SMASH held in Sydney this July 2012.

It was probably one of my most nerve wracking interview yet. Having such a big name in the industry in front of me and knowing that there were a lot of other media representatives with their big cameras and large crew waiting in line after me to interview him had me on the edge of my seat. And we were only given 10 minutes >w<!

All the interviews I’ve had before this had allowed me ample time so leashing me on duration was nerve wrecking too! LOL


Mikishin himself was an awesome guy. He was pretty much like how he was in the video, cool and talking very slowly but thoughtfully. I love how he puts in effort to think and thoughtfully reply my questions. To a certain extent, I think this guy is even more nervous than us ! Hahah. When we took a picture with him, he kindly obliged even though it was not usual customs. And he pretended to place his hands on our shoulder by hovering it on our shoulders and I could feel it trembling xD .

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed the interview, the video edit and the questions asked. Please comment and share your thoughts with me! Were there any questions you wished you could have asked?


Much thanks to Peggy for helping me out during the interview! Had to censor her face because we just got off the plane, took a wrong shuttle bus stop to a wrong hotel and had to drag our luggage for 15minutes to get to the Media session. Unfortunately for Peggy, she didn’t have time to do her makeup so I’m censoring her face in respect of that.

SMASH Official website:

Read the rest of my experience at SMASH at the links below.

Comic Fiesta (Malaysia) 2012 Video

Missed out on Comic Fiesta 2012 like me? Check out this random (random because the question of the day was very random LOL) Cosplayer interview video by DanKhooProductions  =)
Returning again from last year, we stormed the largest annual anime event - Comic Fiesta 2012, and interviewed as many cosplayers and threw them with as many irrelevant questions as we could PLUS the 'Question of the day'! Check out their responses and also their cosplaying!
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The awesome photographer Jeremy Choy from rice | photo who helped to record this video!
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and BUSCO!

Happy belated 3rd year anniversary to TCC!

Its hard to believe this blog has been around for a little more than 3 years. It's also hard to believe I've been cosplaying for even longer! Where did all the time go?!

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What started as a whimsical decision to share my cosplay experience in a tangible form has since spanned into a Youtube channel, a blog and a facebook page (started by myself how glamorous-__-|||).

I won't lie, maintaining this blog, the YouTube channel, my own cosplays and life has pretty much caught me on a leash. I’m almost regretful to admit my personal life has somewhat taken a toll because so much time is dedicated to the activities above. I never get enough sleep and my friends are starting to forget me! *clings onto friends XD*  #foreveralone T_T

Sometimes I wonder why do I do this to myself?


Last week, I finally banked in my first cheque from Nuffnang. Nuffnang is a Blog advertising company based in Malaysia and they are responsible for the colourful ads you see on this blog. While the amount is … negligible (yeah, for something that has accumulated for 2 years, the sum is really not impressive), it did made me felt very happy. The simple pleasure of seeing something beneficial come out from all those late nights and hours alone behind the keyboard.

I mean yeah, I occasionally get selected to travel because of this blog or I get Media privileges because of this blog but since those trips often meant more late nights blogging. It can be a conflicting sort of love LOL.

Cut the sob story short, I just want to say Thank you =) The blog couldn’t have existed without any readers and thank you for clicking on the ads.

I also want to apologise for I know I have been neglecting both the Youtube channel & the blog and truth be told, I don’t know how long I can continue ploughing alone. Unless I become a fulltime blogger (which will be possible if I figure a way to pay all my bills and eat within $40/month haha), I can’t guarantee this blog will be maintained forever but I’ll try my best to make it useful and helpful for as long as it lasts =) ! Let’s all ganbatte!!


Hi guys! I’m here with the result for the VOCALOID giveaways ^^!
Yes, I’m giving away the VOCALOID Doujinshi Artbook above along with some VOCALOID pin badges =) As with most of my other Giveaways, I select the winners via because I think that is the more unbiased way. I only counted a maximum of 224 comment instead of 232 because there were a couple of deleted comments and one that commented after the deadline.


Congratulations to Hamizah Venxas for winning the VOCALOID Doujin Artbook & Badges! Please email me at elpheal@gmail[dot]com and let me know your mailing address and recipient name by 23rd December 2012 ^_^.

I can’t believe another year is almost over! What happened to time??? we need to shoot him!

Interview with Akatsuki Tsukasa @ JCos Party

Ranked the top most popular Cosplayer on, Akatsuki Tsukasa is the reigning Diva in this hobby. Hailing from Taiwan, Akatsuki Tsukasa is a veteran in the Cosplay Community and has a cosplayed a vast genre of characters, both female and males.


Akatsuki Tsukasa was invited to attend the JCos Party that was held in Malaysia on the 24th November as a special guest of honour. With the help of Anthony from Still Costography, TheCosplayChronicles is happy to bring this interview with Akatsuki to you guys!

Here’s a little introduction for you guys, JCos.Club is a non-profit club that was formed by a group of fun loving Cosplayers in the June of 2010. Most of the members are based in Johor Bahru. To learn more about JCos, pop over to their official website!.


Q: The last I checked , you were ranked first on Worldcosplay.Com. Share your thoughts about being officially ranked the most popular cosplayer. ?

I myself was surprised to be voted first in because I personally think that I still have a lot to learn and improve on. And much thanks to my friends who helped me along the way.

Q: So do you enjoy cosplaying with your friends? What do you think brought you to the top position?

Yes, I definitely enjoy making costume and cosplaying with my friends. A lot of discussion goes on between me and my photographer friends. For example, we put in a lot of effort to ensure the right locations are used and something even after searching for 6 months, we still don’t find it. And if really can’t find that then might just go to studio and discuss with photographer on what to achieve and how to achieve by references.

Q: Unlike many high profile cosplayers who usually sticks to one form of cosplay. You actually cosplay a multitude of character. And you don't just cosplay girls, you cosplay guys too. And of course you excel in portrayal of both. Do you think that is your winning strategy?

As long as the character is who I like I would try cosplaying and I’m not bothered by the gender nor the character of the character. And if I really have a character that I love but I’m really not suitable for it I would still try cosplaying but wouldn’t post photos or do a photoshoot of that. I usually would also seek help from friends to do a trial photoshoot to see if any improvements can be made before going to actually location for photoshoot. In particular to wig make up and even expression that suit the character.

Photo by Anthony

Q: Do you make your costume's yourself? Can you share one of your most memorable costume making experience?

Yes I made all my own costume. For me usually the more difficult ones would be armor costumes because the armor size has to be proportional to body proportion and having the need to mold the shape of armor and bake the clay. Another difficult to make would be ball gown kind of costume because it requires more space and I do not have enough space to accommodate the costume and even some times the gown would pull things like my laptop or mouse to the floor so usually everything would be kept properly before I start on gown costume.

Talking about experience, I would usually make costume till dawn and there is this once I am too sleepy and unknowingly I doze off causing my finger to get caught by the sewing machine and the needle broke and got stuck on my fingers. To make it worse, the sewing machine needle are bigger so it cannot be extract by myself so I spent my new day in the hospital. Seeing the needle there is a big shock and I woke my whole family up.

Photo by Anthony

Q: You've gotten quite a bit of exposure due to cosplay. You get invited as guests and all. How has your perspective towards cosplay changed when u visit and see the cosplays of different countries?

Hong Kong cosplays usually uses shiny cloth material, where else for Singapore, Malaysia and Taiwan are more similar and the materials use to make costume depends on individual preferences. Indonesia usually have more armor kind of cosplay costumes.

Q: Was starting cosplay difficult for you? Did your family object to it?

Initially my family did expressed doubts on this hobby. They didn’t understand the need to spend so much money and effort on making a costume that can’t be worn on a daily basis. But they have little objections. Because I watch Anime, my parents are also in a way, forced to watch anime with me haha. They have slow learnt to accept and sometimes my mum would tell my dad what is going to happen next. My dad would event print out bigger size photos of my cosplay and put them in the living room to display and when I go on shows, he would actually record down the television program then he would bring the video around the relatives to tell them “See my daughter!”. And now costume making is also my job so they are actually quite supportive of this hobby.

Q: Any advice or message for new cosplayers?

Health is very important so to enjoy cosplay please stay healthy and be careful. Take extra care when walking in abandoned and dilapidated places . Also remember to bring things like insect repellent , medication oil or plasters in case u need them.

Photo by Anthony


This marks the end of the interview. Much thanks to JCos for arranging the interview and Anthony Tan for the interview ! Remember to check both of them out ^^!

Interview with Jacky Dosai @ STGCC 2012

If you follow the Japanese Cosplay Magazine Cosmode, Jacky Dosai would be a familiar name. Being the first Chief editor in Cosmode.Net and the Official Rule Director of “World Cosplay Summit " is just one part of his portfolio. This guy is everywhere xD 

Photo from Jacky’s FB

We had the chance to interview Jack Dosai during the Singapore Toy Games and Comics convention that was held in September and left the interview with so much respect and admiration for this guy.  _DST9423

Jacky-san is the epitome representation of someone who follows his passion and puts the benefit of the community above his own. A Do-er who is constantly thinking of new ways to improve the Cosplay climate.

Brace yourself, insanely long interview ahead xD!

Q: What do you like about Singapore?

As usual I like Singapore as a whole. The people are nice here, the food is nice here, the streets are clean. This time round, it is different from the last time (I visited Singapore), in that I am staying at Marina Bay Sands Hotel. My real occupation is’s vice-president, and the company itself is situated in Las Vegas. So when you talk about having fun in Las Vegas, it will be about hotels and casinos, and at MBS you have all that compressed into one place, so being there alone makes me excited!


Q: What do you think about the cosplay community in Singapore?

My impression of it hasn’t changed from last year’s. I think it is one of the main points/location in the Asian cosplay community… I think it is the only melting pot where you see both the Japan-originated Asian cosplay culture and the American /Western cosplay culture blend. For example, take Street Fighter’s character, in Japan he is known as Gouki, and in America he is known as Akuma, and the country that is aware that there are these differences is Singapore. So I mean to say that, from some time ago I thought that there are people here who have an in-depth understanding of the titles/series. For me, I also have work involvements in the Cosplay Summit, and I look at the stage performances of the Singaporean representatives every year. The image I get from Singaporean’s stage performances is that they have a deep understanding towards the title that they are cosplaying.


Regarding this year’s event, well it has just started, and the cosplayers have yet to arrive/change at the event hall; I still haven’t seen with my own eyes how they are this year, so I can’t say for sure how the cosplay scene here has changed since last year. My guess is that it’s going to be the same and everyone will be enjoying themselves in their own ways.

Q: how do you keep a balance between your work and cosplay?

How should I say this. It is indeed very difficult. Regardless of whichever country you are in, making your hobby you job can make it quite troubling for yourself sometimes. For example, just because you made your hobby your job, there is a possibility that you may grow to hate it. A job is something which you have to earn money out of, and along the way you start to make your hobby a tool for money-making. In my case, truthfully speaking, I’m not profiting at all. My real job is being an employee at, and how that company earns money is through selling wigs. The sale of the wigs…. Hmmm, for example the wig I’m wearing now. If we are to sell it as a Wild Tiger model, because it is unofficial, we actually become copyright thieves. So in order not to run into such problems/issues, what we are dealing with are only plain wigs.

So apart from this, I am doing all the rest on a volunteer basis. I’m not receiving any money from cosmode, and I don’t get anything from WCS too. So up till now I’m doing all this because I like cosplay. I have seniors in the cosplay scene, and what I am doing is merely taking over my seniors who created this scene, and trying to make it an easier scene for people of the next generation to have fun in. So I’m actually volunteering with this thought in mind, and it doesn’t really make it too taxing for me, and I can strike a balance somehow.

Basically, I like being in the field of business. But, I do not necessarily need high profits high returns. As long as everybody is having fun, I am content.

This is how I strike a balance and live with things/life (lol).


Q: How do you choose your characters? Is it based on the popularity of the character or series?

I do not bother myself with the popularity of the characters. I just do what I like to. But, for example, there is a series I like, there is this character I like, and I will start to think, what can I do as a cosplayer for this character? In fact, today I’m cosplaying Kotetsu, but I’m actually a huge fan of Barnaby Brooks Jr. With my looks, it is quite hard for me to do Barnaby. Since that is the case, I will take up the role of Kotetsu, in fact I myself is already an ojisan so it’s quite a perfect fit, I become Kotetsu, and I try play the role that brings out more in other cosplayers who can play Barnaby better than myself.


Kotetsu by Tadaaki Jacky Dosai
Barnaby Brooks Jr. by @elffi
Photographer: Yutaka Nakamura

Photo from Jacky’s FB

Last year I did Ozma from Macross Frontier but I am actually a huge fan of Ranka. I did Ozma because I like Ranka. So I’m the kind who is ok with not cosplaying characters that I like. In that sense, I may be a bit different from the other cosplayers.


Q: Why don’t you do Ranka then?

Mmmmm but it will be disgusting! I don’t want to see myself as her haha.

* He started to show us picture of how he “supported” a Barnaby cosplayer in Paris. The cosplayer is from Finland, name is Elffi. *


So in order to make Barnaby stand out more, as Kotetsu I stood in the background and I had more fun that way because of how nice the picture turned out.


Q: What is your hope for the future of the cosplay community not just for Singapore but for the world?

Ok, I will be frank with you. Because I’m your friend I will tell you this honestly ok! You know, I HATE contests/competitions. Cosplay is what people are doing because they like it, and a hobby is not to be judged or given placing. It is my dream to create a world, that even without competitions, stage performances can become an item on its own, and there will be people who are motivated enough to aim to perform, as well as leave behind good photos etc. A world where everyone is just enjoying themselves, and fans can amongst themselves praise each other for what they are doing. This year’s cosplay runway is one step towards this dream.

At the same time, starting from next year, I will be organizing a new championship in Japan. The name has not been officially decided upon yet, but it will be something like Cosplay Japan Cup, and for this, we will not give rankings, but instead rate/grade the performances. It is something similar to the band competitions we have in Japan, the judges award every team with Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum grade. And that’s what I am aiming towards. For example, contestants are given three minutes to perform on stage. For example, we have a bronze grade team, we will have people who really know the series and stage performance well to give comments on what was good, what can be improved. So if they can improve and score a silver the next year, the happiness they will feel? That is what I want them to experience over a long time. So for this to happen, I will start such a contest in Japan from next year on.

I don’t think this contest concept of mine will spread throughout the world 100%. At the end of the day, when an organizer includes cosplay into an event, the want to include cosplay competitions is expected of how humans usually think. If they can take a look at the sample contest that I hold, and make shifts/changes to the current competition scene (over a period of 3 years?), in 5 years’ times maybe the world’s cosplay competition mindset would have changed in this direction.

When I first saw the competition idea in America about 12-13 years ago, while I thought it was interesting, I felt like I don’t want to rank cosplayers and their hobbies. But due to the need of a global standard, that is why Cosplay Summit is set up. It’s in it’s 10th year now? The next step is, while trying not to destroy this Summit, we try to shift the style of the Summit to another form. So please, give us your support in this area.


Q: He has been talking a lot about Cosplay skit and performance. Does he agree that Cosplay should go beyond just static photographs?

I feel that both is crucial and good in their own ways. For those who want to enjoy the hobby in the form of photographs, there is actually a lot of know-how involved in photography and such, and for those who want to enjoy it on stage through performances, that in itself is another way of enjoying the hobby. What is important is, how a cosplayer shows/portrays/displays his feelings towards the series or character or title. The tool to accomplishing that, can be stage or photography, or even just walking around the event halls in their cosplays. As long as the cosplayer is enjoying him/herself, it doesn’t really matter what form he/she choses to do it by. With that said, if new ways of enjoying the hobby does pop up, that will be quite interesting too. Maybe even bands?

As long as the respect and love towards the series is present, anything goes.


Q: Even riding the train with costumes?

How is it in Singapore, is it OK to do it or not?

*everyone gave some agreeable response*

Then isn’t it ok? In Japan we are told that we can’t do it, and I personally hate that “common sense” of Japan. Isn’t it ok to wear from home, since it’s so troublesome to bring and change?! You can enjoy the event with less baggage what!


Q: What is the difference of Cosplay Culture in Japan and other countries?

The biggest difference would be, in Japan, where there is an event, there isn’t always a stage. Other than that it’s more or less the same. The feelings of the cosplayers are the same.


Q: You are the first ever chief editor in etc. How did all these started?

I’m originally a cosplayer. I went to America in 1999, and I felt that that Japan’s cosplay scene cannot remain as it is. That was the trigger that started me off on various activities, like holiday trips where I bring about 50 cosplayers from Japan to America’s conventions. At that time I didn’t have the power of media in my hands, I was merely doing all these as a cosplayer. As I continued doing and trying all these, I felt that I can’t continue going on like this single-handedly.

At 29 when I married, I thought I would just give it all up. In actuality, I quit and entered a web company then. One day, my boss came to me and said “Hey you seem to know a lot about cosplay huh”, and when I asked him why, he said that his university friend was going to publish a book on cosplay, and was asked to produce a website for that. And that guy, was the editor of Cosmode. Then I thought this must be fated, and I came back into the scene again.

With the title of Cosmode under my belt, when I go to different countries, they asked/allowed me to be a judge at their competitions, or sometimes get invites to speak as a guest. As these went on, I had a chance to know America’s’s president. At that time I had already quit my web company job and was in my first year at COSPA. Then I got head-hunted by, and I switched my job to that company. With that I got to attend conventions here and there, the next happening was I met WCS’ producer in a long time. During that time I hated WCS a lot because I thought people who didn’t understand cosplay were running it. But as the scale of WCS got bigger and bigger, they needed more people and know-how, so that was how I was asked to help them in running WCS, and that was about 4 years ago.


Q: Profile and you're placed in places where you have the authority. Being in that position statute has it's pros and cons?

Rather than being in the position to have the authority to talk about cosplay, I am actually in a position where I have no choice but to talk about cosplay .Cosplay is something that is easily misunderstood by normal people. It looks very cheap, sometimes it’s shot like porno, and I am somewhat the big brother who has to spread the message that no, that is not the case for the cosplay that we are doing. I may be a bit shameless to say this, but most of the cosplayers now are younger than me, so I feel I’m speaking up for them from a big bro-stature. So I have no choice but to speak for them because there is no one else. If there is please introduce to me!!

Rather than have some university professor who knows nothing give a lecture on cosplay, it is better for a cosplayer to speak up for others in the scene right?

(Kaika: I so agree !)

Q: How has Cosplay in Japan changed for the last 10 years?

10 years?! 10 years… it’s a bit hard to say something solid changed over the 10 years, but there has been significant change in the past 5 years. The most major change will be that cosplayers have started selling their cosplay CD-roms. That culture is the biggest I feel.

With regard to Japan, I feel that the cosplay stage performance culture will change in the next 3 years or so. With an increasing cosplay population, as well as collaborations between CURE and WCS, people are paying more attention to WCS. It should become more interesting over the next few years.


Q: Beside runway performances, does he have any other performance idea? Is he hoping to create a culture where people perform on stage like stage drama in cosplay?

I think that there is still a lot of outlets for cosplay performances. For example, the guys who won WCS this year? In order to execute and bring to the stage what they wanted for the fans, they spent about a year just on training. They did Hakuoki where they used katana to perform, and for one year they learnt how to use it and do an action skit from a tate-sensei. It’s not to say everyone has to go that distance, but I very rarely see stage performances that are as dedicated as that globally. So I feel, when more performances of such standard surface, only then can we think of the next step. Maybe it’s still quite premature to thing about the next step.

But, this EOY, I plan to do something interesting, that is a situational skit. On the cosplay stage, we will give each about 1 minute, have the cosplayers come on stage as the characters, and provide them with a situation, like the period setting at all. In that one minute, we will ask them to perform what they think their character’s actions will be in that 1 minute. It’s just an idea right now though.

For example, we gather all the male characters, and get them to do a marriage proposal to the female characters that they like. Each character will differ in how they carry themselves, the choice of words they use, and this will depend a lot on the fan’s creativity, which will be very interesting to watch. Maybe it will be fun to rank cosplayers depending on whose was the funniest / most interesting. Don’t you want to try doing it? So we will try this idea out first, and if we are successful, we will report about it. For more information, do check my twitter.


Q: Do you believe Cosplayers should be in character as long as they are in costume?

Nope I don’t think so! In Japan, it’s usually half in-character, half oneself. For example, I’m wearing Kotetsu’s clothes, but I’m speaking to you more as myself than as the character. Kotetsu usually rests his weight on the right side of his body, but when I do interviews I usually do this, so maybe I have been a bit conscious about it since a while back haha. But only about there. I just do what is most minimally expected from the character.

For example if you are doing a super kawaii cosplay, like K-on, you will try to avoid the public’s eyes when you smoke right? Just basic stuff like that. So there is no need to be in character 100% of the time. Can you imagine, if you are in-character 100% of the time….. isn’t it scary? Say there is a Magneto cosplayer, and he is exactly like the real character himself, you wouldn’t want to get near to him right?

The thing I often tell my juniors that it’s very easy, just don’t do anything that will embarrass your character or the series. For example, something unsightly. Actions at the con halls, like irresponsible disposal of rubbish and tobacco stubs, not letting up seats when there are people who need them more; I will not embarrass myself, but instead embarrass the character/series I’m cosplaying. I tell the young ones to do the bare minimum not to embarrass those, and usually things will work out.

Follow Jacky @ Twitter: 


*Phew* Wasn’t that a long long interview! The interview was only supposed to be 20 minutes but Jacky-san had so much to share the interview spanned for longer than 40 minutes! If you read my other STGCC entry, you’d know about how he gave us Sakura+ Matcha KitKat for souvenirs! How nice! He is the first guest to give me a gift ;_; I’m usually only on the giving end LOL.


Special thanks to Reiko for helping me translate and transcript Jacky-san’s interview! You would notice that the English sounds a little ‘off’, that’s because to make this interview as authentic as possible, we decided to leave most of his answers as literal as possible.

I also want to extend my sincere gratitude and thanks to KY for graciously sharing the audio recording of this interview with me. If you follow me on TCC’s FB Page, you might know of how I lost my own audio recording of the interview. So I was definitely counting my blessings when I know there were other people in the same interview with me and even more thankful when KY was so ready to share his interview recordings with me. Thank you!!.

The Not-So-Real Escape Game

Hi guys! I’m here to tell you an exciting puzzle game is happening next weekend! I’m sure we’ve all played this flash game where you wake up trapped in a room/building/place and you have to scout around the place to search for keys or hints to escape from there. Here’s a live version of it Open-mouthed smile well, minus all the moving around though xD

Venue : Mountbatten Community Club (35 Jalan Satu, Singapore 399479, near Dakota MRT station)

Game Timings:  15th Dec: 1 pm, 3 pm, 5 pm (three sessions)
Each game session runs for about 90 minutes, including 60 minutes of game play and time for debriefing.

Ticket Pricing:
At the door: S$5 (Light refreshments will be provided)


Singapore, November 25, 2012 – Black Cat Channel (BCC) is proud to present the 1st edition of Singapore’s very first anime and Japanese pop-culture inspired escape game concept – “The Not-So-Real Escape Game Vol. 1: Escape from the Doomed Ship”.

The Not-So-Real Escape Game: Introduction and Concept
Inspired by the hit interactive live game events created by Japanese company SCRAP Co. Ltd., The Not-So-Real Escape Game marries the best elements of the original – puzzles that require players to work together to solve them within a limited amount of time – with a compelling anime oriented slant that’s targeted at the pop-culture loving crowd.
Escape From The Doom Ship

In the 1st edition of Not-So-Real Escape Game, the venue is reimagined as the interior of a luxurious cruise ship that has been rigged with explosives that will eventually detonate, sending it to the bottom of the ocean.
As the clock starts ticking down, the players must work together, use their deductive skills and logic to gather clues and solve the puzzles, finding a way to prevent the destruction of the vessel and to escape before it is too late!

About Black Cat Channel:
Black Cat Channel is an initiative by passionate anime, comics and games (ACG) lovers and the People's Association.
Based in Chengsan CC, BCC brings fun-filled ACG activities, such as Anime Karaoke and Video gaming sessions (on a big screen!) to fans across Singapore.

For further information, please email

If you guys are interested to know more about Black Cat Channel the group , pop over to their official FB group =)

VOCALOID Fan Artbook & Badge giveaway

FINALLY back with another Giveaway! I seriously need to work faster on these, the pile of stuffs I stored up for you guys is getting too much to keep xD

This time I’m giving away a VOCALOID Fan Art book and some Vocaloid badges! I bought them from the Macau Comic Festival (do you guys want me blog about the event?) when I was in Macau in September. It was a sponsored trip by OMY.SG and the Macau Tourist Office , read about my trip here!



STEP 1) To win the merchandise, do either of the below …
* Every single Like/follow/subscribe is counted as one individual entry!
STEP 2) Then come back here to post a comment with either a direct link to show that you are following me, or tell your username so I can search for you =)
Alternatively, you can submit a screen cap.
* Please make sure to leave one comment for each entry otherwise I will count it as just one entry =)* Please make sure to leave either a working email or a blog/fb link for me to contact you if you win

Deadline for this giveaway is 16th Dec 2012! I’ll sponsor up to SGD5 shipping fee but if shipping exceeds that, you'll have to top up the difference ^_^. So yessss, follow TCC on as many SN sites as you can and increase your chance of winning! Good Luck!!!!

Movable Cat ears; Necomimi !

Personally I've never been one to have a fetish for car ears and friends would know I like dogs more. Well, except Nyanko sensei xD


But like most of you, my eyes lit up when I saw Necomimi.

Necomimi is a product of Neurosky.  It utilises brain wave sensor technology to allow the wearer to express themselves with the neko ears, hands free! Just feel and the ears will react to your emotion xD

“Have you ever wanted to confidently express yourself without talking? Now you can show the world what’s really on your mind without saying a word!

Be the center of attention everywhere you go! People can’t help but watch in fascination as your Necomimi ears move in real-time according to your state of mind.

Do you want to know if your friends are paying attention to you? Let them wear your Necomimi and see for yourself! “
Pretty cool isn't it xD ? 
As far as I know, official sale of this product online is only available in Japan, Canada, Europe, Australia and the United States (Please correct me if I’m wrong!). So for South East Asia fans of Japanese pop culture, here's some good news!  We now have an authorised online dealer to bring this geek product to us !


Nekojin is a Singapore based company that focus on providing high tech niche gadgets related to Cosplay and for the general consumers. Nekojin is an authorised dealer of Neurosky/Necomimi and will continue to provide the future series of Neurowear products such as the "Shippo Tail"! 


Each Necomimi by itself is priced at $115 (+ 7% GST).
To celebrate their opening, Nekojin is launching a promotion for the sale of the ears!
Neco_Black2_copy_large + Neco_Brown_copy_large +image
=   image

Instead of the usual price of $185 (+Shipping charges if outside Singapore) , Nekojin is selling the above bundle at $150 ! That means you save $35 =)

Click here to view all the price.

The price above are only for Singapore based customer. If you’re from Malaysia/ Brunei/ Hong Kong/ Philippines/ Thailand/ Indonesia/ Taiwan then pop over to their S.E.A Pre-Order page.
Easy to Use, Cutting-Edge Technology
• Be one of the first to communicate with brainwaves!
• Research-Grade Technology trusted by over 400 universities.
• Totally safe! Only two light-touch sensors on your forehead and ear.

  • 4 AAA batteries (included by Nekojin)
  • For Ages 14+
  • Weight: 10 oz.
  • Conceived in Tokyo Japan
  • Designed in Silicon Valle
If you order before the pre-order batch runs out, you can even receive it by 26th November 2012! Hurry though, the last I heard there’s only 20 sets left >.<

This pair of awesome gadget will thrill any Japanese Pop Culture fan and proud Geek! So if you have a Cosplayer/ Anime Fan/ Geek friend around you, you know what Christmas present to get them xD!

Personally I’d like a black one so I can use with my Zakuro cosplay XD Christmas gift anyone =3?

 Pop over to Nekojin to read more details!